Membership Committee

Each Member City designates a representative, and one or more alternates, to serve on the Membership Committee. The Members’ representative to the Membership Committee is a “Voting Member” as defined in KPP’s Creating Agreement. The Committee shall meet as called and at such other times as the chair may determine or as requested by three or more Voting Members. The frequency of regular meetings may be revised from time to time by the Committee. However, the Committee shall meet at least annually to set rates for the upcoming year. Current representatives and alternates are shown below.

Member City Voting Delegate Alternate
Jay Spengler
Lori Ryan
Jim Sutton
Alan Schneider
Stan Luke
Bill Callaway
Aaron Floersch
Jon Perron
Jarrod Carr
Alice Dietz
Dan Darnall
Carl Shrontz
Stacy Barnes
Leslie Atherton
Derek Stoll
Adam Wright
Matt Stiles
Brandon Koch
Mark Breford
Stephanie Peterman
Tim Goldston
Travis Naegele
Tarry Dougherty
Roger Holter
David Mayfield
Leslie S. Stephen
Kevin Baker
Kent Hixon
Bill Reekie
Patrick Kopfer
Jim Denning
Brian Mayfield
Chuck Tyron
Don King
Roger Estes
John Bales
Taggart Wall