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City of Ellinwood

Founded 1871
Population 2,131

Ellinwood, Kansas is a community of 2,100 and located in the center of Kansas, it provides a warm, small town environment with many features and services of much larger communities.   The City became a member of the Kansas Power Pool in 2007.  The municipality has its own power and sewage plants, several water wells, recycling trailer, and compost area.

The first claim was staked in 1872 when it was certain the railroad would be completed nearby. The railroad was finished the same year and the City was named after Colonel John Ellinwood, a civil engineer working for the Santa Fe Railroad. Ellinwood became a fast-growing community of mostly descendants of southern German/Austrians. Located on the Santa Fe Trail, the town was a social and cultural center of the 1890’s.

City Administrator

City Clerk

Electric Distribution Superintendent

Electric Production Superintendent

Electric Generation Equipment

Electric Distribution Superintendent:  Chris Komarek
Electric Production Superintendent:  Jarrod Carr
Power Plant Phone:  620-564-2211

Municipal Utilities