City of Oxford

Founded 1871
Population 1,218

Oxford, Kansas is known for The Old Mill.  The mill was built in 1874 by D.N. Cook and John Hewitt. A three-mile race was hand dug parallel to the Arkansas River.  The water running through the mill race provided the electricity necessary to run the mill.  A dam was built across the river to help the mill grow.  The mill’s flour and cornmeal supported the slogan “Oxford’s Best”.  In 1910, Charles Champeny bought the mill in which he worked until he passed away.  The Old Mill has since been restored by its owners.  The Old Mill was placed on the National Historical Register on April 26, 1982.  The Oxford Jr/Sr High School Entrepreneurship Class has recently started serving dinners on weekends.  Oxford has been a member of the Kansas Power Pool since 2008.

City Clerk

Utility Superintendent

Electric Generation Equipment

Utility Superintendent:  Patrick Kopfer
Power Plant Phone620-455-2223

Municipal Utilities