City of Attica

Founded 1884
Population 620

The City of Attica, Kansas is a vibrant community with a thriving local economy on the southern edge of Kansas. Attica became a member of the Kansas Power Pool in February 2006. With a rich history and progressive planning to prepare for tomorrow, Attica is the ideal place to live, work, play, and visit. Attica is located near the central southern border of the state in Harper County and is about 17 miles from the Oklahoma state line. In June of 1884, the land for Attica was purchased from the Osage Land Trust, which also held the surrounding farmland. The Osage Land Trust was held by the US government for the Osage tribe. Settlers could buy tracts of 160 acres for $1.25 / acre, and the money would go to the tribe. On February 16, 1885, Attica became incorporated as a City of the 3rd class by the District Court with a population of 1,500. The name Attica was originally given to a Post Office that was located southeast of present Attica on a farm. When the new town of Attica was started, it was agreed the Post Office of Attica be moved to the new town site and the town be called Attica.

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