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Market Research

Market Research

Project Overview

Areas of Investigation

The 2020 Kansas Power Pool Member Satisfaction Study leveraged a quantitative research methodology to address the following areas of investigation:

Expectations Met At A High Frequency

The most frequently indicated expectation respondents reported they have regarding KPP was “reasonable/affordable rates” (52.1%), followed by “good communication/informative” (17.8%), “reliable/excellent service” (16.4%) and “continuous innovation/improvements” (15.1%). The strong majority of respondents, 93.1%, indicated KPP meets their expectations either “very frequently” (63.0%) or “somewhat frequently” (30.1%).

Q: And how frequently would you say KPP meets your expectations?

Graph showing 93.1% of member indicate KPP meets their expectations either "very frequently" or "somewhat frequently"
93.1% Total "very frequently" or "somewhat frequently"

Key Study Findings