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Lansing Board of Water and Light Seeks Information On Battery Storage-Only Projects

October 26, 2021

by Paul Ciampoli
APPA News Director
October 26, 2021

Michigan public power utility Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) is soliciting information for battery storage-only projects. Specifically, BWL is interested in learning about all aspects of storage projects, such as how they can be scheduled, priced, sited and more.

Information received in response to the request for information (RFI) may be used to assist the BWL in planning the scope of future technology studies, deployment, or technology commercialization efforts.

BWL may also use the RFI to gain public input on its efforts and formulate plans to mobilize investments.

“The information collected may be used for internal BWL planning and decision-making to ensure that future activities maximize public ownership while advancing the BWL’s goals for leading and building a competitive, clean energy utility and reducing carbon pollution,” the RFI said.

BWL noted that it is issuing the RFI solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a request for proposal.

Responses to the RFI are due by Nov. 30, 2021 and it is available here.

BWL currently provides electricity to more than 97,000 customers and drinking water to nearly 56,000 customers in the greater Lansing area. BWL also serves the Lansing downtown district with steam, heating, and chilled water.

APPA storage tracker

The American Public Power Association recently launched a Public Power Energy Tracker, which is a resource for association members that summarizes energy storage projects undertaken by members that are currently online.

The tracker is available here.