FERC Sets July Technical Conference To Address COVID-19 Energy Sector Issues

June 11, 2020

by Paul Ciampoli
APPA News Director
Posted June 11, 2020

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on July 8-9 will hold a technical conference to consider the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic are having on various segments of the country’s energy industry.

In a recent notice about the technical conference, FERC detailed the topics that will be addressed at the two-day meeting.

On Wednesday, July 8, conference topics will include system operations and planning challenges, electricity demand and transmission planning.

The second day of the conference (Thursday, July 9) will include panels on natural gas and oil demand and access to capital issues for the energy sector.

Additional details on what each day’s panels will discuss are available here.

The Commission will provide details on panelists for the technical conference in a future notice.