West Virginia Governor Signs Bill That Lifts Ban On Nuclear Power In The State

February 15, 2022

by Paul Ciampoli
APPA News Director
February 15, 2022

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice recently signed into law a bill that lifts the state’s ban on the construction of nuclear power plants.

“While I have approved this bill, I think it is important to note that any development or placement of nuclear technologies in this state must be done thoughtfully and, above all, safely,” Justice wrote in a Feb. 8 letter to the Clerk of the West Virginia Senate.

“I call upon our Legislature to continue to research and monitor nuclear initiatives around the nation to ensure appropriate regulatory or safety measures are in place as new technologies are developed and implemented,” wrote Justice.

He said that the legislation, Senate Bill 4, “is a positive step in modernizing our state’s regulatory environment, but we must work to ensure only positive outcomes from this legislation by continually evaluating any concerns and implementing best practices in any regulation that may be required.”