Community Involvement

The Kansas Power Pool provides wholesale electric energy service to 24 municipalities that pool their resources for the common purpose of benefiting their community.  Because the Kansas Power Pool also believes in the importance of community, it seeks out opportunities to support the communities within its membership.  Listed below are some of the ways KPP is giving back to its member communities.

  • Chamber of Commerce Membership - KPP maintains a membership in each community Chamber of Commerce.  This allows KPP to not only support local businesses, but to also stay informed of community events and sponsorship opportunities.   
  • Event/Program Sponsorship - KPP looks for good opportunities to sponsor community events and programs.  Whether it is a golf tournament to raise funds for a community charity, or a summer reading program for children, KPP budgets funds each year to participate in worthy community-wide activities.
  • Economic Development Grant Awards - The Kansas Power Pool offers monetary grants in member communities for projects or programs that create or retain jobs.  Grant awards are made annually to the municipality, which may then reimburse the project owner.
  • Energy Efficiency Rebate Program - KPP will reimburse a member city that gives a rebate to retail customers who install energy efficient appliances, such as heat pumps, refrigerators, electric water heaters, and air conditioners that meet certain energy efficiency standards.  Rebates differ by type of appliance and require the member city to verify installation and efficiency rating.
  • LED Lighting - LED lighting is proven to reduce energy consumption compared to older lighting technology.  In an effort to introduce LED lighting to consumers, KPP will share fifty percent of the cost of 60 Watt-equivalent LED light bulbs for member cities that provide them to retail customers on an introductory basis.