Electric System Services

Distribution System Assessment - KPP recognizes that consumers expect their electric distribution system to be safe, reliable, and efficient.  Electric managers and lineworkers work hard with limited resources to maintain their system in a manner that meets consumer expectations.  KPP offers assistance to member utilities with its Distribution Assessment Service provided by a team of veteran distribution volunteers from the KPP membership to make observations of system infrastructure and load conditions that are then provided to the member city in a written report.  The team also offers suggestions for system improvement in areas such as system upgrades, maintenance and equipment options, and multi-year budgeting.  KPP makes no additional charge for this service.
Pole Testing Drill - KPP purchased a utility pole testing drill to assist member utilities in conducting tests to determine pole integrity, especially below ground where most pole rot occurs.  The drill efficiently determines the integrity of a pole and displays on an LED screen the result in graphic form, which may be uploaded to a computer for report printing and reference storage purposes.