Larry Holloway

Larry Holloway, Assistant General Manager - Operations for Kansas Power PoolAssistant General Manager - Operations

Larry joined the Kansas Power Pool in 2009 as Operations Manager.  Larry is responsible for managing the operations of the KPP, including the coordination of KPP load and resources in the Southwest Power Pool Integrated Market, acquisition of generation resources and transmission service, cost and load forecasting for the KPP budget, annual development of the KPP budget and member rates, KPP member capacity accreditation testing and compliance, and participation in the Southwest Power Pool.  Prior to joining the KPP, Larry was employed by the Kansas Corporation Commission as Chief of Energy Operations where he primarily served as the KCC’s electric utility policy expert.  Larry holds engineering undergraduate degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas as well as a Masters of Engineering Management from Washington State University.  Larry is also a registered Civil and Mechanical Engineer in the State of Oregon.  He was promoted to KPP Assistant General Manager for Operations in 2014.