OUC-led partnership receives grant to build EV charging station in downtown Orlando

October 14, 2020

by Taelor Bentley
October 14, 2020

A partnership led by Florida public power utility Orlando Utilities Commission has been awarded a $500,000 grant to build an electric vehicle charging mobility hub in downtown Orlando as a part of a statewide EV infrastructure project.

The site will be built on OUC-owned land and will feature up to 22 “Level 3” charging stations, including 16 supercharges for Teslas and up to six 350 kW universal chargers.

The partnership is between OUC, the City of Orlando, Orange County and Power Electronics, which makes EV charging equipment.

The new EV charging station is a part of OUC’s efforts to increase Central Florida’s EV use to 40,000 vehicles by 2025.

The EV infrastructure grant was awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The grant and 26 smaller charging locations are funded by the $13.5 million release of the state’s $166 million settlement with German carmaker Volkswagen over emissions violations.

Construction for the project has already begun and will be completed in 2021. The station will be the largest high-speed charging hub serving all types of EVs in Florida and is expected to cost $1 million before the grant is applied, with OUC and Power Electronics making up the difference.

Downtown Orlando business are expected to benefit from proximity to the site. Most EV drivers will require a 20-60 minute charge. This will allow drivers to spend that time in nearby shops and restaurants. OUC and its partners are also reviewing micro-mobility options, including shared bicycles and scooters. This will broaden the range of economic benefit.

The Volkswagen settlement and resulting EV infrastructure project are the latest in a series of electrification initiatives that are reducing emissions in Central Florida.

Orange County was recently recognized as one of five “top tier” counties for EV readiness in a report presented by the League of Women Voters in Florida.

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