Mount Hope Conversion Project 2023

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Mount Hope Conversion Project 2023

for City of Mount Hope, Kansas

City of Mount Hope, Kansas (the “City”) is located between the Cities of Wichita and Hutchinson directly adjacent to the four-lane K-96 Highway in Northwest Sedgwick County. It has a population of 806 based on 2020 Census numbers. The City began converting its electric system from 4160 to 12,470/ 7200 as well as converting most of the system to UG. Dual voltage transformers were installed at this time. The final circuit of this system needs to be converted and the 4160 substation needs to be dismantled.

Project description:

The final circuit of the electric system needs to be converted from 4160V to 12,470V. Most but not all the transformers have been replaced with Dual voltage transformers. Some commercial transformers need replaced such as the grain elevator and the school as well as a few residential transformers. All the UG has been installed with 15KV wire and terminations. Most of all the poles have been replaced and insulated with 15KV equipment. The work to be done is replacing the final transformers. Rerouting a few overhead areas along the circuit for more efficient operation. Doing the changeover of the circuit and decommissioning the 4160 Substation.


The City will provide the materials needed as well as a local representative to answer any questions and do final inspection.

The City, along with The Kansas Power Pool (KPP), a Municipal Energy Agency (the “KPP”), has walked through the project and developed maps and staking sheet of the project. The maps and staking sheets should be reviewed by bidder for completeness. The City and KPP are asking for a per unit quote to do the project along with a not to exceed budget to allow for proper financing.


Pre Bid Meeting 9/19/23 1:00 PM- Mount Hope City Hall

Bids Opening 10/30/23 1:00 PM – Mount Hope City Hall

Award bid 11/10/23

Estimated construction to begin May 2024 (expected final material delivery)

Completion by December 2024


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