LCRA Awards More Than $730,000 In Community Grants

December 11, 2021

by Paul Ciampoli
APPA News Director
December 11, 2021

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) recently awarded more than $730,000 in Community Development Partnership Program (CDPP) grants for a wide range of projects across LCRA’s wholesale electric, water and transmission service areas.

CDPP grants are awarded twice a year for capital projects for volunteer fire departments, emergency responders, cities and counties, schools, libraries, civic groups, museums, and other tax-exempt non-profit organizations.

The grants will help fund 32 community projects, including the purchase of a new firetruck for the Wall Volunteer Fire Department in Tom Green County and renovation of the Wharton Civic Center in Wharton County. Other grants will help fund a new public park alongside the Colorado River in Smithville; the construction of a live-fire training facility in Coleman; and the completion of renovations to public art galleries in downtown Llano.

LCRA representatives present a $50,000 grant to the Wall Volunteer Fire Department for a new firetruck. Pictured, from left to right, are: Dick Braden, VFD president; Dustin Lange, firefighter and VFD secretary; Sammy Farmer, Tom Green County commissioner, Precinct 2; David McIntyre, assistant fire chief; Mike Slagle, firefighter; Carol Freeman, LCRA Board member; Cooper Hogg, LCRA Regional Affairs representative; Justin Nava, firefighter; and Rodney Born, fire chief.

LCRA serves customers and communities throughout Texas by managing the lower Colorado River, generating and transmitting electric power, providing a clean, reliable water supply and offering outdoor adventures at more than 40 parks along the Colorado River from the Texas Hill Country to the Gulf Coast. LCRA was created by the Texas Legislature in 1934 and receives no state appropriations.

LCRA noted in a Dec. 10 news release that fourteen of the projects will support first responders by providing new protective gear, emergency vehicles and other critical resources. One grant will help pay for a 40,000-gallon water tank that firefighters can use in the Spicewood area, where the nearest fire hydrants are several miles away. Another will provide a new thermal imaging camera and smoke evacuation fans to aid firefighters in Kerr County.

CRA representatives present a $50,000 grant to the Coleman Fire Department for a live-fire training facility. The grant is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program. Pictured, from left to right, are: Fisher Reynolds, LCRA chief of staff; Cooper Hogg, LCRA Regional Affairs representative; Joe Dan Huddleston, firefighter and EMT; Phil Wilson, LCRA general manager; Diana Lopez, city manager; Jimmy Watson, fire chief; Duston Crawford, assistant fire chief; Jerod Roberts, firefighter; James King, assistant city manager; and Bobby McGee, city council member (photo courtesy of LCRA)

LCRA General Manager Phil Wilson said providing these grants to volunteer fire departments and other first responders is important to help keep communities safe.

“By helping supply new protective gear and better, up-to-date equipment, we can make it easier for first responders to get to emergencies quickly, with top-notch gear at their sides as they work to protect people who need help,” Wilson said.

LCRA and City of Brenham representatives present a $19,840 grant to the Brenham Fire Department for 40 sets of new rescue gear. The grant is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program. Pictured, from left to right, are: Carrie Derkowski, Brenham Fire Department administrative assistant; Kate Ramzinski, LCRA Regional Affairs representative; Jeff Paul, firefighter; Atwood Kenjura, city council member; Adonna Saunders, city council member; Leah Cook, city council member; Margaret D. “Meg” Voelter, LCRA Board member; Milton Tate, mayor; Clint Kolby, city council member; Carolyn Miller, interim city manager; Roger Williams, interim fire chief; Brett Schroeder, fire captain-C shift; James Knipstein, firefighter; Justin Schroeder, lieutenant-C shift; and Rhye Moschak, firefighter (photo courtesy of LCRA)

To date, LCRA and its wholesale electric customers have awarded 1,852 community grants totaling nearly $48 million. When combined with more than $228 million in community-raised matching funds, the program has invested more than $276 million in local communities.

LCRA representatives present a $25,000 grant to the City of Goldthwaite for a new HVAC system at the Mills County Theatre. The grant is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program. Pictured, from left to right, are: Steve Dyer, LCRA Regional Affairs representative; Lynn Bouse, Goldthwaite city council member and theatre board member; Kay Bouse, theatre board president; Greg Lewis, theatre board member; Ramona Flores, Goldthwaite mayor pro tem; Carol Freeman, LCRA Board member; Laura Wilson, theatre board secretary; and Martha Leigh M. Whitten, LCRA Board member (photo courtesy of LCRA)

The complete list of the 32 grants awarded in the most recent grant cycle are available here.