Colorado Springs Utilities To Build Next-Generation Fiber Network

January 8, 2022

by Paul Ciampoli
APPA News Director
January 8, 2022

Colorado Springs Utilities on Jan. 7 unveiled its plan to construct its next-generation, city-wide fiber network.

The network will enhance utility operations, allowing the public power utility to better serve its customers, and enable multi-gigabit internet connectivity to every home and business in Colorado Springs.

The network will be built to reach every address within the Colorado Springs, Colo,, city limits and provide the community-owned utility with more efficient and effective delivery of utility services to its customers, it noted.

The fiber network infrastructure will service the utility’s needs while making excess fiber available for lease. The cost to build this network will be significantly offset by a long-term lease agreement with a national fiber internet provider, Ting Internet, and other organizations on the utility’s non-exclusive network.

Construction of the entire fiber network will begin in 2022.

When the fiber network is complete in 2028, Colorado Springs will be one of the largest gig-cities in the country.

“The speed, reliability and security of this network will enhance Colorado Springs’ ability to attract and retain new businesses and jobs, pursue new educational opportunities and enhance connectivity in every neighborhood,” the utility said.

Ting Internet expects to provide fiber internet access to local businesses and residents starting in 2023.

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