City of Burlington

Founded 1857
Population 2,790

The first conception of Burlington was in 1842, when part of the present site of Burlington was granted to an Indian. The Burlington Town Company was organized in Lawrence in the fall of 1856 by C. W. Babcock and B.W. Woodward. The town was named in honor of the City of Burlington, Vermont. In 1857, the townsite was selected and people were designated to occupy and hold the townsite. Two houses were moved from Hampden across the river to Burlington and were combined to form Burlington’s first house. Burlington was organized as a village in 1859 and as a third class city in 1870, with F. A. Atherly elected its first Mayor. The early business section was located on North Third Street.

City Clerk

Electric Utilities Superintendent

Electric Generation Equipment

Director of Electric & Water Utilities:  Gus Collins
Power Plant Phone:  785-425-6525

Municipal Utilities