Organization Structure

The Kansas Power Pool organization is comprised of a Membership Committee, Board of Directors, and seven staff members.

 KPP is comprised of the Membership Committee, Board of Directors, and KPP Staff.

Each KPP member municipality may have one voting delegate who is part of the Membership Committee.  Alternate delegates are also allowed, but each member municipality has only one vote.  The Membership Committee approves the annual KPP budget and the KPP wholesale rates for the following year as well as other matters recommended to the Membership Committee by the Board of Directors.  Membership Committee delegates are selected by the governing body of each KPP member and serve at the pleasure of the member governing body.

The KPP Board of Directors is comprised of nine members selected by the Membership Committee from the Committee ranks.  Board members serve a staggered four-year term and are eligible to serve two consecutive terms.  Board members annually elect the officers of the Board.  The KPP Board sets policy for the KPP and makes decisions about the operation of the organization, contracts and other legal matters, programs and services, and staffing level.

The KPP staff is headed by the CEO/General Manager who is selected by the KPP Board of Directors.  The CEO/General Manager is responsible for the daily operation of the KPP, staff appointments, and staff recommendations to the Board and the Membership Committee.  The KPP staff is comprised of the Assistant General Manager for Operations, Controller, Director of Member Services, Director of Engineering Services, Senior Accountant, and Senior Director of Wholesale Electric, Origination and Resource Planning.